Family of Five

Footprint Entities


Footprint Data Foundation (FoDaFo )



FoDaFo is an independent, transparent not-for-profit organization charged with securing the continuity, reliability, rigor and utility of ever improving National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts through the Accounting Unit at York, its public face. FoDaFo is advised by an academic council and a global academic network that researches methodological improvements. FoDaFo is supported by a coalition of countries (the One-Planet Alliance).


The National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts (NFAs) are updated and improved by an accounting unit hosted by York University in collaboration with FoDaFo’s global academic network (comparable to GTAP). The effort is governed and supported by FoDaFo, an independent, transparent body that secures the quality and reliability of the accounts.

National Footprint & Biocapacity Accounts



This initiative encompasses all Footprint related activities at York University, including the accounting unit for the National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts (footprint.info.yorku.ca). In addition, it includes courses on metrics, data management and sustainability management. It also encompasses projects and professional trainings.


Footprint Initiative


The One-Planet Alliance brings together

forward-looking countries who recognize the economic necessity to accelerate the transition to a carbon-free economy. They understand the importance of robust ecological accounting that can compare human demand to what our ecosystems can sustainably renew.


One Planet Alliance


Global Footprint Network advocates for a world where all can thrive within the means of one planet.  It advocates for metrics that are empowering and make ecological limits central to decision-making. It does this by: advancing the Footprint science; marking Earth Overshoot Day; providing a popular Footprint Calculator; and making Footprint data accessible.


Global Footprint Network